Study Overview

Purpose of the Study

This study is a collaboration between Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital. We are investigating how differences in affective, physiological, and neural responses to difficult tasks may contribute to successful cognitive aging.

Study Details

We ask participants to complete three sessions over the course of up to three months. First, participants will undergo a neuropsychological assessment over Zoom. Then, participants will come to Building 149 at the Charlestown Navy Yard for an MRI scan of the brain. In the scanner, participants will complete tasks and we will also collect physiological recordings. Finally, participants will come to Northeastern University to complete tasks like those that they did in the scanner while we collect physiological data.

What to Expect

  • A neuropsychological assessment completed over Zoom
  • An MRI scan of the brain
  • Collection of physiological recordings (e.g., heart rate, sweat,
  • Computer-based tasks
  • Questionnaires

Contact Information

If you are interested in this study, please contact our team at ( or call 617-643-9747