Study Overview

  • Principal Investigator: Bradford Dickerson, MD
  • Sponsors: Philanthropic Funds
  • Conditions Studied: Cognitively normal (CN) control participants

Purpose of the Study

In this research study we want to learn more about brain aging in healthy adults. Through this study, we will look at cognitive performance, psychosocial variables, and health behaviors to shed light on some of the factors that may help promote resilience to brain aging and resistance to the development of disease-related pathologies.

Study Details

You can participate in this annual study for as long as you are willing. The baseline visit will take approximately 3 – 5 hours to complete and will either take place remotely or at our research office. This visit can be broken into two days for your convenience. We will ask you to return every 12-months for an annual follow-up visit as a part of your participation in this research. During the follow-up visits we will do the same study procedures as we did for the baseline study visits.

What to Expect

The following procedures happen annually:

  • Tests of your memory, thinking, language, and/or visual processing abilities
  • Completion of questionnaires

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about this research study, please contact Ana Eustace (