Study Overview

Purpose of the Study

In this research study, we want to learn more about how diseases of the brain, such as posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (eoAD), affect different cognitive functions. We want to understand how periodic cognitive assessments and brain scans might be used to help diagnose, track, and treat these diseases in the future.

Study Details

It will take approximately five years to complete this study, though participants can choose to leave the study at any time. The study consists of one baseline visit and two follow-up visits per year. The baseline visit will last approximately 4-5 hours in total, over a few 1-2 hour sessions, and will require neurocognitive testing administered either remotely or in person.

What to Expect

The following procedures will happen each year:

  • A brief physical and neurological exam
  • Neurocognitive testing
  • Questionnaires about mood and functioning

The following procedures are optional:

  • MRI scan
  • Blood draw

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about this research study, please contact Katie Cunningham  (